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Thrips Control Products


Certain pests that not necessarily harmful to humans, but may still cause significant damage to things we need, mainly plant life. Thrips are known for feeding on both plants and animals, but can cause significant damage to plant life such as crops, gardens and flowers. Thrips can be confused with several other types of bugs, therefore making them a little harder to identify. Proper identification is necessary in order to ensure correct treatment and pest control methods are used, to avoid continued infestation and damage.


Thrips are very small, slender insects that are not easily seen with the naked eye. When they have wings present they will have four identical wings. The wings will be fringed by long hairs. They have piercing, sucking mouth parts. They look very similar to some of the other, smaller flying insects, so identifying them is important. Thrips can also reproduce at very fast rates, so getting the current population under control is very important.

Thrip larvae can bite people and can be found indoors when plants or crops are close to the structure. The Thrips bite can produce some itching and stinging sensations. Controlling thrips that are biting outside will include spraying the plants and grass with an insecticide. There are several different types of insecticides that you can choose from so you can be assured that no harm will come to your plants or grass. However, if nothing is done about Thrips, it is common that the grass or plant life will become ruined. Thrips lack a natural biological enemy due to their small size and hiding spots, so it is often necessary to use insecticide, even in food crops, if Thrips are present.

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