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Termite Wood Treatments Control Products


With todays new technology treatment of wood for control and treatment of termites and other wood destroying insects is made easier. Nissus Corp Borate termite control products have changed the way homeowners do termite treatment.

Bora-Care is a low toxicity wood preservative that has a low environmental impact. It protects wood and whole structures from most wood destroying organisms including subterranean termites, Formosan termites, drywood termites, wood destroying beetles, carpenter ants, and decay fungi.


The active ingredient is the natural borate salt and micronutrient disodium octaboratetetrahydrate (DOT). DOT is a natural form of elemental boron, which is essential for the healthy growth of plants and believed important in human calcium metabolism. Because animals and humans simply take what they need from their diet and rapidly excrete any excess via the kidneys, DOT has a low acute toxicity and Bora-Care is about half as toxic as sodium chloride or table salt (in a laboratory setting), but it’s very effective against insects and fungi that do not have the same excretion mechanisms.

DOT maximizes the solubility, the rate of dissolution and the boric oxide content to give a borate active ingredient far superior to traditional boric acid or borax. At the levels used in Bora-Care applications, it prevents pest infestation by inhibiting pest metabolism on a cellular basis. The tetrahydroxyborate anion forms a chelate complex with the cis-adjacent hydroxyl groups in the ribose sugar of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), with the cationic nitrogen of the nicotinamide moiety providing electrostatic stabilization of the chelate. In this configuration, NAD and NADP cannot be used by the dehydrogenase enzymes of glycolysis, the pentose phosphate pathway or the tricarboxylic acid pathway, and so the cellular energy generating mechanisms, including adenosine triphosphate production, are shut down.

Termite Wood Treatments

This enhanced borate salt is combined with a patented mixture of alkylene and polyalkylenediols for superior penetration and improved efficacy. The resulting borester compounds have superior penetration into dry wood because diffusion can take place at a lower wood moisture content than if the active ingredient was by itself occurring at above 15% moisture content. But more importantly, this results in much higher efficacy against wood destroying organisms, especially against subterranean and drywood termites. As a result, Bora-Care is the only borate material that is EPA-registered as a primary termite pretreatment in new construction and provides by far the best remedial control of drywood termites.

In addition to wood preservatives, ePestSolution offers a variety of termite baits and other termite pest control products, so that you can do your own termite treatment at home without any professional help.


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