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Stink Bug Repellent Control Products

Stink bugs are a relatively new pest to North America, as they are a native pest to Asia. It is said that current US Stink Bug populations originated in a shipment of goods to a store in Eastern Pennsylvania and was first documented in 1998. The full name is a brown marmorated stink bug, and their presence can now be found in 33 states. Stink Bugs generally prefer to be outdoors, and are known as a crop pest in many areas. During cold weather, they become an indoor pest issue because of their overwintering behavior. Pests that overwinter are not able to withstand cold conditions, and seek indoor, warm shelter to wait out the weather. Populations can grow rather large and quickly once access points are discovered.


The best way to control an infestation is to prevent them from coming inside. This can be done by filling all your cracks and crevices that the stink bugs can gain access to, windows, door jams, weep holes, etc. Plug up any utility pipes with silicone caulk and by screening attic and crawl space vents. If your doors and windows are not covered by tight-fitting screens, keep them shut. These are best practices for avoiding any pest infestation, and should be regularly maintained throughout the year.

The next step is to apply an insecticide spray on the exterior of your house. This will help control stink bugs, but it needs to be applied when the bugs first appear or right before a drop in temperature. Apply a thorough perimeter treatment with a product like Talstar. You will want to focus on all the areas that we just recommended creating a tight seal with, such as doors, windows and attic vents. Using Talstar should give you a good amount of control; they will come in contact with the chemical as they try to make entry into your home. An aerosol Pyrethrin, PT 565 is a good option as well and can be sprayed directly on the stink bugs for a quick kill.

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