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Squirrels can range in size and color, as well as in preferred habitats. Tree squirrels are common, noticed gracefully leaping from tree to tree. Another type of squirrel is the ground squirrel, which are typically brown, reddish, black, or black and white depending on the species. The ground squirrel will primarily inhabit open grassy areas and adapt easily to their surrounding conditions. Grey squirrels also come in a variety of colors, and live in forests as well as residential neighborhoods.

Ground squirrels become a pest when they create burrows under lawns, causing unsightly lumps. Squirrels are also known to dig under pump houses, storage sheds, barns, and anything else they have an ability to get under. Tree squirrels are known to gain entry to homes and commercial buildings, seeking shelter and food. Entering through vents, cracks in trim, knotholes, and other access points- Tree squirrels have been know to get in between wall and floor joists proving difficult to remove! Identifying the difference between a ground squirrel and tree squirrel is as simple as observing their behavior when startled. Does the squirrel scurry for a tree, or enter a burrow into the ground? This behavior is the key to identifying the types of squirrels in your area.

The Squirrel is often heard engaging in bark, chatter, scream, purr and mew. These sounds along with the flashing movement of the squirrel’s tail and stamping of their feet are all ways for squirrel communication. Inside homes and buildings, look for nuts, shells, droppings and other signs of infestation.

Best control practices will include pruning the limbs that may be too close to the structure, allowing entry into the home, do not feed squirrels, and make sure you practice exclusion. Block any possible entry points. Live trapping is the best method for squirrel removal.

Humane squirrel traps are the most effective means of removing squirrels from inside a home, office, garage or shed. Contact us today for additional pest removal information and best practices!


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