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Snakes Repellent Control Products


As a majority, snakes are very beneficial and do not pose any harm. Potentially dangerous snakes are the venomous snakes in the United States, Venomous snakes, such as the Rattlesnake, water moccasin and copperheads, are the snakes the one most likely wants to avoid. These types of snakes have heat sensors located on the facial pits that allow them to locate and capture their prey.


The first step to identifying the snake on your property or inside a home or structure is to attempt to learn something about its habitat and food source. If snakes are gaining entrance into your homes or structure it is important to check the perimeter for any and all entry points and ensure each is secured to restrict access. Visible markings and colorings can also aid in snake identification, and should be researched to ensure proper precautions are taken during removal. Alter the snake-favored habitats by removing wood piles and keeping clutter down to a minimum.

Eliminate tall stands of grass that will give snakes cover when searching for prey. Remove the food source, if they are feeding on rats and mice, it may be time to start eliminating the rodents to discourage the snakes for the buffet line. Fences can prove as a deterrent if the mesh is smaller than ¼ of an inch, and the bottom edges should be buried several inches in the ground. Inside snakes can be trapped with large snake glue boards, or trapped in snake traps.

Although no toxic chemicals are designated for snake control, one can purchase snake repellents that can be spread and sprinkled in the areas that have frequent snake issues, and they tend to work very well. Control snakes with snake repellent products or snake glueboards at ePestSolutions, or by using humane snake traps to trap and remove of snakes.



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