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Snails And Slugs Control Products

Snails and Slugs Control Products

Snails (Gastropoda) and Slugs aren’t actually insects. In fact they are mollusks, similar to clams and oysters. There are thousands of species of snails and slugs which exist and different species are able to thrive in different conditions, like the sea snail and freshwater snail.

Slugs and snails can become annoying pests around the home and garden. You probably first became aware of their presence when they leave a slimy trail behind from their slithering around. While they are relatively harmless to people, they can do some damage to garden plants and can leave behind an unsightly mess from the slime residue they leave behind wherever they travel.

If your snail or slug problem is pretty significant, then handpicking won’t do. This is when you have to break out the big guns and do some serious snail and slug control. The best ways to get rid of a snail or slug infestation is via baiting or repellent, which ePestSolutions has a number of options for you to choose from.

Feel free to browse our snail and slug control products below. Eliminating snails and slugs is rather simple but if you have any questions regarding snail and slug control methods or any of the products below, you can chat with us anytime or give us a call.


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