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The Scorpion is one of the oldest arthropods, and is easily recognized by the large, frightening pinchers at the end of their long whip like tail. Divided into two groups, scorpions that burrow and the ones that rest under rocks and bark. The Scorpion that hides under structures will hold its tail off to the side while the burrow scorpion will carry the tail/ stinger above their heads.


The Scorpions will grasp their prey with the pedipalps and sting them to immobilize it. During the day Scorpions will be under cover, and come out at night to search for prey. Cracks and Crevices, weep holes, cracks in doorframes, under doors or inside vents are all easy entry points for the Scorpion. They can easily even climb up brick veneer to enter in through an attic. Once inside they will seek dark protective shelter such as shoes, sheets, closets. They will sting as defense when trapped and the sting pain is usually immediate but not fatal, unless a person has an allergic reaction.

Steps to avoiding a scorpion sting can be as simple as inspecting objects when they are picked up. If you live in a heavy infested area you should shake the shoes and clothing before you put it on. Move beds away from the walls and you can place the legs of beds in glass jars to prevent the Scorpion from climbing up. The best time to inspect would be at night, check the outside area with a black light, they will glow in the fluorescent light a green color making it easier to identify the population. At night you will expect to find them on the tops of rocks, your patio or landscape timbers.

Control methods include sanitation, mechanical techniques of removal and insecticide treatments. Remove the debris that is creating a harborage area, this applies to most insects that you do not want invading your home. This will also reduce the buffet line of insects to feed the scorpions. Keep your plantings clipped and managed, remove leaf litter, mulch and organic debris away from structures. Seal up all the entry points, using weather stripping when necessary. Make it as difficult as possible for scorpions to enter.

A Dust insecticide treatment can be applied to the entry points, cracks and crevices and weep holes. Also spraying a good residual insecticide as a perimeter treatment, making sure to apply enough to cover all the areas around the structure, will keep your scorpion population down.

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