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They’re ugly, capable of spreading disease, triggering allergic reactions and, last but not least, doing one heck of a number on the health and sanity of your home.

Yes, we’re talking about one of the most common household pests – roaches.

Wondering how to get rid of roaches? Start by doing a little investigative work to identify what areas of your home they’re living in. Roaches need 3 things, moisture, food, and hiding. They typically find these things in your kitchen or bathroom areas, After you’ve located where they’re living in concentration, try one of the following methods:


Maximize cleanliness: In order to get rid of little roaches, cut off their food source. Find any water leaks in your home and fix them. Also, routinely sweep your floors and vacuum, remove trash regularly and always keep containers sealed. If you eliminate the food and water source, you’ll likely eliminate the infestation.

Bait them: You can purchase a slow-working poisonous bait to mix in with a food source, which roaches will bring back to their nest and eat, eventually killing all of them over the course of a few weeks. Best solution since you are offering them a food source.

Insecticides: Having trouble getting rid of big roaches? Try using insecticides and spray it around areas where you suspect them to be hiding. Insecticides are ideal for killing adult roaches. Adding an Insect Growth Regulator will stop the cockroaches life cycle.

Aerosol Sprays: These can be useful to apply in those tight cracks and crevices

Traps: If you have a small roach population, administering some traps should be enough to do away with them. These traps work to trap the critters with a sticky adhesive. You can also make your own trap by half-filling a jar with water. This homemade trap allows roaches to enter, but prevents them from exiting and thereby causes them to drown.

Getting rid of roaches can be a challenge, but can be done. If you have an infestation beyond your control, it is best to call and get our expert recommendations on how to get rid of roaches. For more information, contact one of our professionals today.

Roaches feast on an array of food sources, from human and pet food to paper products. If an infestation has occurred, it is important to seal all food, and ensure garbage is not accessible. Prevention recommendations include sealing all entry points, and remediating any moisture sources that the roaches find attractive. Using caulk to fix any plumbing and electrical entry points, and applying a perimeter treatment, will provide protection against pest entry.

At ePestSolutions we offer several options for effective control, that can be used and purchased separately as well as in convenient kits. Treatment can be performed with insecticide granules as well as liquid insecticides and dust insecticides. Bait and traps are available, including easy to use gel baits that can be placed throughout the infested areas. With proper cleaning care and insecticide use, roach infestations can be brought under control and future reoccurrence will be minimal if proper practice is carried on over time.

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