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Keeping insects and rodents out of your home or office is the first step in keeping your home healthy and pest free. Spending the necessary time to seal up all your cracks and openings this winter can help your DIY pest control budget as well as your energy bills. Keep everything tight and well maintained, keep shrubs trimmed and away from the home, this will keep the rodents protective cover down to a minimum and make it difficult for them to gain entrance without being noticed.


Copper mesh is a great item to use to block up plumbing penetrations and weep holes that may be allowing a rodent inside, the copper mesh makes it impossible for the rodent, rat or mouse to gnaw through the wire mesh. It actually sends a little shock through their teeth when they try to gnaw through the copper mesh. Kind of like putting an ice cube on your filling!

There are also new repellent type products that contain hot pepper inside that causing a very alarm type of reaction and keeps them out of the area you need them to stay out of. Works really well when it comes to controlling rats and mice form stored cars and RV’s Checkout ePestSolution for any of your exclusion and lures for rat and mice. We can help keep all your rodents outside of your home of office.



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