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Rat control in your home, property or commercial facility can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. That is why we have tried to take the guess work out of rodent and rat control.


We have put together some of the best kits on the market to help take the guess work out of your rodent control problems. You will find rat control products and kits that contain only rodent bait stations for ultimate rat trapping, such as the EZ Kleen and rodent bait Contrac for loading them. Some of the kits we have included T-rex Snap Traps, some of our favorites as they will do the job and last you for years and years.

Of course you can always start with a kit and add your own additional items, such as glueboards, or odor eliminators.

From rat trapping to odor control, with so many choices it can be difficult to choose, so feel free to call out technical support staff for a personal rodent control recommendation and let us help build your own kit fit exactly for your needs.



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