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Raccoon Trap Control Products


Larger than the average invading pests, raccoons can still often be an unwelcomed guest in our attics, garages and lawns. With the proper information and tools, a homeowner or business owner can safely and effectively remove a nuisance raccoon with humane raccoon traps.


Damage resulting from raccoons can be extensive if left without removing the pest raccoon and preventing future entry. Raccoons that take up residence in garages and attics can also poise additional risks, as this is common behavior for females who are close to or already have had recent litters. As with many creatures, females are very protective over their young, and if possible it is important to relocate a raccoon as quickly as possible to prevent future issue with having to remove a mother and babies. After removal, it is crucial to ensure any entry access points, regardless of how small they may seem, are sealed off to prevent future re-entry. Ensure anything that can be forced loose from the structure is secured. It is also a good idea to keep pet food sealed, and trash can lids secured.

Like Skunks, raccoons can also be quite destructive to lawns and gardens due to their constant grubbing in search of their food source. A raccoon can tear up a large area of sod overnight as a result of grubbing. Raccoons are also infested with fleas and ticks and readily cause a secondary problem for a homeowner and their pets.

To trap a raccoon, it is usually easiest to do so when the raccoon leaves your structure to go in search of a food source. Check with local regulations on designated relocation areas of the trapped Raccoons.

Have a question about raccoons and best practices for trapping? Visit the Things that Bug Me blog for more information.


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