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Rabbit Repellent Control Products


For the gardener, rabbit sightings are not exactly a celebrated event. Although seemingly harmless, just one or two rabbits can do pretty serious damage in a very short timeframe. Typically feeding on leafy plants, rabbits will feast upon vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, low bark and ornamental shrubs. If rabbit pest control issues are not quickly identified, an entire garden can be decimated very quickly.


Rabbits typically live in groups, and more than half of the world’s rabbit population is right here in our backyards in North America. Several species of rabbits exist in the wild, variations with long ears and strong, agile hind Legs. The wild rabbit populations occurred as a result of humans that introduced the species and quickly lost control due to quick reproduction habits and voracious appetites. Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk.

In addition to damaging eating habits, rabbits can also pose other concerns if a large population is on or around your property. Wild rabbit flea control is practically impossible, and large rabbit populations will bring fleas into and around the areas that your pets may inhabit. In addition, although rabbits are almost never diagnosed with rabies, they can still carry certain disease and parasites that will effect humans and animals.

Rabbit repellent and control can be implemented several ways. Habitat modification by discouraging them from having places to hide, remove low lying branches, shrubs that cover the ground completely, wood and debris piles. If you can eliminate a habitat, you can eliminate the rabbit’s damage and get them out of your yard safely and effectively. Rabbit deterrents can also be utilized for effective rabbit control, and as a last resort live trapping and relocation release to remove a nuisance rabbit from your yard.

Ensuring that the correct pest is identified in your garden, is crucial to the treatment and ultimate pest control. Visit our Pests page to view other potential pests.



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