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Pillbug Control Products


The pill bugs and sow bugs are little crustaceans that have become completely adapted to living on the land. Identified by their small, brown bodies that have an oval shape and a hard shell. These pests prefer moist areas and are found under rocks and other objects on the damp ground. They are usually most active at night. Pill bugs become a problem when they invade those damp moist areas inside our homes, such as basements and crawlspaces. They can usually be located in high numbers in the vegetation right outside the area of the infestation.


Lucky for us, this is one of the easier pests to take control of. Best pest management practice is to remove the harborage areas; remove the mulch and leaf litter near to access points of your home. This will expose the pests for treatment. It is usually not necessary to spray for pill bugs inside your home. You can easily sweep or vacuum them up to eliminate the population. The pest moves slow, and can be easily cleaned up by hand as it poses no danger to humans. Simply sweep and toss the pests out far from the entry points of your home.

If deemed necessary, granule insecticides and other general use insecticides can be used to treat large populations of pill bugs. Spraying a treatment around the perimeter and entry points is found to be plenty sufficient. If inside your home, try to rectify the moisture and damp areas that area attractive to the pest. This will also help prevent future infestations of other pests that seek damp, warm hiding spots. Pill bugs are a nuisance, but are essentially harmless. Ensuring the removal of their preferred habitat will make it less likely for them and other pests to enter.


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