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Pantry Beetles Control Products


Pantry beetles are a type of pantry pest that infests stored food products. Grains, barley, corn, millet, soybeans, rice and peanuts can all be susceptible to a potential pantry beetle infestation. Improper storage and handling during food processing is the most common source of the infestation, and shoppers unknowingly bring the pests into the home. Once inside, these insects multiply and feed in cabinets, closets and other areas used for food storage.


Exclusion is always the first and most preferred step in any pest control process, and can be done by inspecting products as you shop, before bringing them into your home. Many of us already practice this measure, as it is common place to pass on items that show a breach in packaging or seals. When storing products in pantries and cabinets, use airtight containers that seal. This aids in keeping products fresh, in addition to keeping unwanted pests out!

To treat an existing pantry beetle infestation, or to determine if one exists- traps can be used that employ an attractive pheromone enticing the pest to encounter, and stick onto the trap. If determined that an infestation exists, and population numbers seem to be high- it will be necessary to further employ pest control methods.

Fumigation is the only means that can penetrate through packing, but is not something that can be done as part of a DIY Pest control process. Normal practice involves removing and discarding any food products that are not thoroughly protected, in plastic containers. For temporary storage of new products, use freezer or refrigerator space. Apply a direct contact insecticide on the surface of the pantry or where the food is stored, and as a crack and crevice treatment. This can be in aerosol form or liquid concentrate. Use of an insect growth regulator (IGR) is usually advised if there is an ongoing infestation that is proving difficult to control.

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