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Palmetto Bug Control Products


The term “Palmetto Bug” is usually used as a common name to refer to large cockroaches or even beetles. Most commonly used in the South, this can lead to a lot of misidentification and confusion with the pest. The cockroach most often referred to as a Palmetto Bug is the American Cockroach. They are large and winged and will have dark markings. These pests prefer damp, warm, moist areas; leading to more prevalent populations in the south. This type of roach is the only one able to fly of the three most common species found in North America.


Infestations can occur in large numbers, especially in closely combined living quarters such as apartments, dorms and hotels. Commercial places such as hospitals and nursing homes are also apt to have issues with Palmetto bugs, as they are able to feed and multiply relatively discreetly. Homes are less likely to experience an infestation, and can typically be easily controlled because of slow development.

almetto bugs are quite mobile, and can pose issues because they may be carrying disease like Salmonella, from their travels. In addition, they release a secretion that is odorous, and in very large infestations it can be pronounced. Certain people may also be sensitive to dust and dander that has feces or remnant body parts, triggering allergies or asthma.

Food sources range from decaying organic matter, to cloth material and other common household food products. Carefully inspect anything that isn’t discarded following treatment and control of an infestation. First steps in control include cleaning all messes, crumbs and spills, as to avoid any potential easy target food supplies. Also be sure to repair and seal any access points, and inspect any items being brought into the home for concealed pests.

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