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The opossum is native to the U.S. and are often found in and around buildings. They have been known to create dens under porches, garages, decks and slabs and can also take up residence in the attics, basements, garages and in outbuildings. Possums have been known to raid uncovered garbage cans and tear into trash bags left out during the evening, and will look for fruit, pet food and apples, among other items. Possum control can be a challenge, because unless properly completed possums with find their way back and continue residing in unwanted space.


In addition to common nuisances, possums pose certain health risks associated with the species, and should be quickly trapped and controlled especially if children, elderly or pet animals are present in the situation. Possums have been known to transmit Tularemia to humans so they should be handled with care. It is also documented that the opossum is the carrier of other diseases, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, leptospirosis and relapsing fever. Very few cases of documented rabies have been reported within the species.

Possum control will take steps in habitat modification. You must remove the food source and pet food bowls. Harassment of the opossum has been proven to make them seek other options for housing, however physical removal may still be required. If they have taken up residence under your porch or the likes, using floodlights at entrances has been successful.

Exclusion is effective, if possible, making it difficult for them to gain access to certain areas. The best removal method is to trap and release invading possums, but certain steps need to be followed. Using humane animal traps, possums can be baited and safely secured for removal and transport. However, it is important to note that the possum must be taken to a suitable habitat at least 5-10 miles from you property, to avoid revisiting. Please also practice careful trapping during early Spring and Summer, as a female possum may have a litter that requires food and care, and may be cause for extra aggression. If necessary, inspect areas for young as well to ensure that all possums are safely transported to the new location.

Although slightly intimidating, possums can be safely caught and transported with possum control methods, and humane animal traps from ePestSolutions. Need more Possum help? View our Things that Bug Me Blog.



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