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Noseeums Control Products


Noseeums are a type of gnat, that although miniscule in size, they can produce a painful bite. Often confused as a fly, Noseeums measure 1/25 to 1/8 inch, with a dark color and disproportionately large wings. Commonly referred to as sand flies, punkies, and black gnats, they are another type of bloodsucking insect, similar to a mosquito. Population sizes can grow rather large from spring to autumn, and as a result some areas may be to heavily infested to comfortably inhabit by humans. Noseeums, as the name implies, are almost invisible- Until large swarms gather and can be easily visible in the air.


Outdoor control begins with cleaning up and eliminating their preferred type of breeding site. As with many flying insects, Noseeums like to breed in moist areas, including salt marshes, mud, plant debris and water collections within trees. Cleaning up these sites will eliminate developing pests, as well as future population growth. If sites cannot be cleaned entirely, environmentally safe products can be applied to stop the development and limit the population size.

Contact insecticides, aerosols and fly lights can also be used to effectively control the Noseeum populations. Indoor, accidental guests can be treated with a contact insecticide. Treating walls and ceilings near light fixtures will help as well, as the Noseeums are attracted to these areas. Ensure that entry points are sealed, and Noseeums will be unlikely to be an inside issue. Using a repellent or/and a perimeter treatment can also be helpful, and will aid in controlling other insect populations in and around your property as well!

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