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Making your house rodent proof is the process of denying mice entry into a building or home by improving the building integrity. This can be difficult with mice since they can enter in a space small as a pinky finger. Mouse exclusion is the best long term and cost effective method of rodent control, taking the time to do it right and thoroughly can save you lots of frustration down the line.


Effective mouse exclusion means you want to eliminate dead spaces, cracks, crevices, and other openings so that pests cannot hide in, enter, or leave a specific building, room or piece of equipment.

One of the best rodent exclusion products is Stuff-it copper mesh. Copper mesh should be used when trying to prevent entry into a hole and opening. Rodents do not have the ability to chew or gnaw through the copper mesh fibers.

Openings around pipes and doors should be corrected. Wooden doors are often gnawed through by mice. Ventilation grill should be covered with 18-gauge mesh. Sidewalk gratings should be also closed.

Removal of harborage areas around structure and removing of tree branches that hang over roof line will also help in your mouse exclusion efforts.

ePestsolutions also provides a variety methods of rodent control which include the use of rodent bait stations, rat traps, glueboards and rodent control kits.




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