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Mouse Bait Stations Control Products


Mouse bait stations are used in the industry for several different reasons. These stations will extend the freshness of the bait, keep the rodenticide free from dirt, dust and weather. They will limit the rats from taking the bait away, which reduces excessive bait loss, and will also help you with monitoring population. Tamper-resistant style mouse bait stations such as the Protecta Keyless Bait Station, RTU Protecta Stations reduce the chances of accidental poisoning of non targeted animals.


Along with baits ePestsolutions provides different methods of mouse control which include the use of mouse traps, glueboards and mouse control kits.


The proper location for your rodent bait station will have a lot to do with your success in your rodent control effort. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best places for your bait stations. Place stations on runways where rodents are more likely to encounter them. For Maintaining an uninterrupted supply of rodenticide the Protecta RTU work well in corner areas.

Empty bait stations mean missed opportunities to kill more rodents. When two or more stations show signs of feeding, add stations in between. Do not contaminate with insecticide.

One of our favorite mouse bait stations are the MBS-1 manufactured by VM Products.

These MBS are 100% green and made from recycled plastic. Have a compact design so they can be located in tight areas without being too obvious to customers and or guest.

The Mouse Bait Stations still have a single unlocking mechanism that keeps them safe and secure. These Mouse Bait Stations will also work with soft bait because of their unique metal rod design.

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