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Mosquito Fogging Chemicals Control Products


Sector is labeled for use in automatic spraying systems, in animal quarters, cattle barns, dairies, dairy and beef barns,milking parlors, poultry houses, swine housing, warehouses and residential backyards. Sector is a Polymeric Surfactant System—a formulation that allows convenient and stable dilution with water. Sector will not harm most common ornamental plants. Sector kills mosquitoes which may transmit West Nile Virus. Sector is a Synthetic Pyrethrin, called Permethrin. But as with Riptide and the other chemicals the concentration is the same. Each container is added to the 55 gallon drum system.


Riptide can be used in aerosol generators to kill exposed accessible stages of: Flies (including Fruit Flies), Mosquitoes, Small Flying Moths, Fleas, Gnats, Wasps, Hornets, Clover Mites, and more. Riptide is a 5 % Pyrethrin, similar to Hydro py 300 as they are both not synthetic.

Looking for a green organic pest control product for mosquito control, look no further than the EcoExempt products. EcoExempt MC Misting Concentrate is comprised of numerous plant oils that not only have a repelling effect but have been successful in reducing the mosquito and fly population.

Low Price Guarantee. Whether you are using a mosquito misting system or a Dyna-Fog Mosquito Fogger we have the chemical to help you do the job right. Having the right selection of mosquito fogging chemicals, hydro-py 300, Riptide, Sector, and EcoExempt MC misting concentrate makes ePestSolutions the right choice for all your pest control needs.




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