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Mole Trap Control Products


Ground moles are known for their voracious appetites, and ability to quickly damage lawns and gardens. Their burrowing nature creates mounds, which can also dry out plant roots, killing crops and ornamentals. Homes and properties close to a water source are more likely to have a mole problem, as they are known to nest near to a source of water. The mole will create a nest chamber and securely disguise it with grass and leaves. Moles only have one litter per year, in March or April, and may have 2-5 young in each litter. Feeding predominantly on earthworms, insects and nuts, their burrows and nests also act as a natural food trap.


Moles have a head and body about 5-6 inches long, with a very short tail of about 1 ½ inch, and a face that seems to all but lack eyes and ears. They have broad front feet that allow them to dig, and the naked nose that points upward and it is very characteristic of the mole. We do not see them often, because they will rarely come above ground. Remaining in an extensive network of underground tunnels, that are typically about 2 inches in diameter, and are about 1 foot under the surface.

How to Control and Eliminate the Mole

Ground moles can be brought under control by using a combination of products, mole traps, dependent on population size and urgency. Exclusion by constructing a fence of ½ inch mesh hardware cloth or sheet metal buried about 12 to 18 inches around your garden or lawns, will aid in keeping moles out. Unfortunately however, if an existing deep tunnel has access, this will be ineffective.

Repellents, such as Mole Scram and Mole Out, can be scattered and offer a safe control method using natural oils to rid moles in an area.

Trapping can be done with live, humane traps for catch and release- or lethal traps that function similar to a rat trap. Traps are anchored in main tunnels, using anywhere from 3-12 traps per property, dependent on the mole population size. Baiting for moles is very successful because of new technology that offers up the toxic bait in the shape of earthworm shape. There are also great mole gel bait from Kaput, this is injected into the mounds and deep runs.

Fogs and fumigants are available as well, that are registered for use on mole control. These products usually require special licensing and homeowners need to check with local regulations.

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