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As small as a mite may be, the potential issues that accompany a mite infestation problem can ensure their size is the least of your concerns! There are many different types of mites, all a spider relative with eight legs. Certain types of mites are known to target humans while others focus on birds and animals. There are also mites that infest turf grass, Bermuda grass and agricultural crop areas.


While many mites are considered harmless to humans, certain mites can pose serious health issues if they come into contact with a person. Mites are also known for carrying disease, as they commonly infest birds, rodents and other animals that are also prone to spreading disease. Concerns about mite reactions and mite bites for humans should be consulted in and diagnosed by a physician.

The are many types of mites, the most common types of mites are Spider Mites, Broad Mites, and Bermuda grass Mites. The citrus plant can be invaded by the Citrus Mite, Red and Black Flat mite and the six-spotted mite. The Spider mite gets its name from the silken webs that they leave on the undersides of the leaves that they are invading. Colors of spider mites can vary from red, white or green in color. Bermuda grass Mites are a serious invader pest for Bermuda grass. The first sign of an infestation on your lawn is the slight yellowing and twisting of the leaves. The adults will be elongated and are worm-like in appearance.

Mite killer control products come in aerosol, concentrate and ready spray, in addition to organic options that offer natural pest control.
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Have a question about mites? Visit the Expert Bug Lady for more information and assistance in choosing the best mite pest control product.



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