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Millipede Control Products

Millipede Control Products

The millipede is regarded as the “thousand-legged worm” and while they may be harmless to people, they can be unsightly intruder in the garden. Their ugly appearance is precisely why, when encountered by homeowners and gardeners, they quickly seek out ways to conduct millipede control

Millipedes have multi-segmented bodies with 2 pairs of legs attached to each body segment. Millipedes are a slow moving insect and typically colored gray to light brown or even orange. There are about 1000 species of millipede found in the US alone.

While millipedes are rarely found inside home, outdoors they can become a real pest by damaging garden plants and infesting in large numbers. Millipedes usually become a problem after periods of heavy rainfall. It is during these wet conditions that millipedes will begin migrating towards neighborhood homes for shelter.

If you have a millipede problem around your home, you can put a stop to it by equipping yourself with the knowledge and professional millipede control products.

ePestSolutions is your one stop shop for millipede control. We have in stock a variety of effective millipede control options such as professional insecticide concentrates and insecticide granules. You won’t find these items at your local garden center or pest control aisle at a big box store.

Browse our millipede control products below. For millipede control advice or for more information about making an order, please do not hesitate to give us a call, shoot us an email or live chat with us online.



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