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Commonly misidentified and often quickly overwhelming, Midges can be a serious issue depending on your location throughout the country. Most common in warmer months, midges can be mistaken for mosquitos due to similar appearances and potential for bites by certain types of midges.


As homeowners we are very often alarmed by large swarms of flies that can be mistakenly called mosquitoes. They are still very important pest because they can breed in and around areas of standing water. If the water is polluted it is even more favorable for breeding of the Midge. The eggs laid in open water or on vegetation can hatch within 72 hours and create extremely large numbers. Some people have found their house completely covered in Midges and often items are stained with black dots from the excrement of waste from the Midges. Reducing exterior lights till later in the evening will help reduce the invasion. Spraying a good residual insecticide on specific areas that the Midges invade will help reduce some of the population as well.

The midge larvae require a very aquatic environment; this would be mud, wet sand, stagnant water, tree holes that hold water and decaying organic vegetation. They will look like eels squirming around in the water, and will float to the top of the water when they are ready to become adults. Some midges do bite, although they are very small, about 1/25th of an inch. They are sometimes confused with mosquitoes. They can feed on plant nectars and other insects. Punkies are the most commonly recognized biting Midge. They are also called No-see-ums and sand flies. Water midges are the non-biting type of Midge, they will appear the same color and size as mosquitoes. They are found in the same locations as mosquitoes, such as stagnant waters since they need the same type of conditions for reproduction.

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