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Lice Killer Control Products


Lice: Not typically a word we ever want to hear, but it is something most of us will likely encounter, and need to treat for, at some point in our lives. When most think of pest control, Lice probably isn’t the first pest to come to mind. Our trusted products can be used to treat effected areas with the home, as well as for treatment of pets and livestock.


There are several different types of Lice that are all parasites of either birds or mammals, and are dependent on the host for living. Head Lice is the common type that we find in schools and in the workplace. All the stages of lice are found on the host and the individual Lice quickly dies if they are separated from the host for a long period of time. They are very host specific, meaning one that survives on humans will not survive on birds. This means that lice cannot be transmitted from animal to human, but if an infestation has occurred it is still important to treat effected areas. Human Head Lice, Body Lice and Bird lice are some of the most common.

While prevention isn’t all together possible, ensuring that your child gets checked for lice, during routine doctor visits and school screenings, is a great step in prevention. Lice can be very grating on a child’s head and can travel to other children and people around the child. Most schools offer a free check for lice, and warning signs of irritation and itching are clear indicators of a necessary visit. Lice travel fast, so regular check-ups and keeping a lice problem under control are very important.

Have a question about a potential lice infestation in your home, barn or office? Contact the ePest Professionals for helpful treatment information on killing lice!



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