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Ladybug Repellent Control Products


Ladybugs are almost entirely beneficial insects because they feed on harmful insects. And while that is the one trait we want to see in most bugs, they can come to be quite a problem during an infestation. Typically found outside, ladybugs don't evoke fear as is the case with many insects. They can become a nuisance pest because of their overwintering behavior.


Insects that overwinter essentially seek warm shelter during cold, harsh weather. This can cause for large populations to suddenly gather inside homes, garages and buildings. Overwintering insects can cause a lot of grief to homeowners and commercial properties. The Lady Bug or Lady beetle is only one of the dozen or so of overwintering insects. They will generally only become pests over the fall, winter, and spring months when the nights become cooler and this signals that it is time to overwinter.

The Ladybug or Lady Beetle will start being attracted to the warmer sides of the structure, where the sun will heat it the greatest. The south and the west side should be treated with a residual insecticide in early fall to control as many of the lady bugs before they make their way inside in large numbers. They will crawl up and into any crack and crevice and any space that will allow entry into the warm home. Applying a crack and crevice aerosol will also be very effective in controlling them. Foaming insecticides and dust insecticides can also be used as an effective means of treatment, products like Delta Dust Insecticide and Alpine Foaming Insecticide can be ordered online for great prices, and with fast, free shipping!

Ladybugs may only be an issue for one season, or may be a reoccurring problem. Insecticides used to treat ladybug infestations can be used for an array of other pest control applications as well.





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