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Grasshopper Killer Control Products


Grasshoppers are insects, part of the order Orthoptera. They can be distinguished by their short antennae and the type of mouth parts are used to tear off food. These are the fellows that make quite a bit of noise by rubbing the hind femurs against the forewings or abdomen or from snapping their wings in flight. They are quickly confused with Crickets and Katydids, but are quite different. They feed on grasses, leaves and other grain crops. In some places the Grasshopper is eaten as a food source, for its high protein content. In other places, it is considered a delicacy.


Not usually considered a huge pest in urban life; but same application can be used for the control of Crickets. Best Practices to manage any grasshopper infestations begin with removal and clean up of areas that grasshoppers may harbor, especially if close to entry points of your home. Piles of wood or leaves and thick, abundant ground covers are the perfect hiding spot, and if close to your entrances, may provide an easy route. Removing them will reduce the likelihood of an indoor infestation. Exclusion is also important, seal up all openings that would allow for entry. Look at foundation openings, vents, plumbing penetrations and windows for any small opening.

Reduce moisture to reduce the Grasshopper populations, as they tend to breed in dark, damp areas.

Change lights as well, outdoor lighting that is glowing in or over windows can easily attract a large amount of pests. Indoors treat under baseboards and around door trim, as well as basements and crawlspaces. Granular insect bait or a crack and crevice treatment can work great for these applications.

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