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Gopher Control Products


Gopher Control Products

Gophers may look funny or even cute in cartoons or in the toy section at department stores but the type of damage they can do in your yard or on your property is neither funny or cute.

Gophers are destructive rodents which not only can dig underground tunnels through yards and leave ugly looking bumps and holes, they are also notorious for devouring and destroying crops and plant life wherever they choose to settle. That is why if you have encountered gophers in your neighborhood or yard, gopher control measures must be taken quickly.

Because gophers they spend most of their time underground in their self-created tunnel systems, these quick moving rodents can be rather difficult to track down or even capture. If you’re a gardener, a homeowner or an agricultural farmer, gophers can become an absolute nightmare and need to be eradicated immediately.

Thankfully, ePestSolutions has some answers for you in the form of professional grade gopher control products. There are a number of different ways to conduct gopher control which are effective and ePestSolutions has the best methods in the form of gopher control products here in our inventory.

We have gopher control baits, gopher control traps, gopher control repellents and more! Try one or a combination of the methods we can provide you for fast results and an end to gopher destruction.

Browse our selection of gopher control products below. For information on how to apply these products or questions about ordering, give us a call or live chat with us online today! We are standing by and are always happy to assist you.


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