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Gnats are small flies that are dark in color with long thin wings and legs. Sometimes referred to Fungus Gnats, most people run into Gnats indoors when indoor plants stay overly wet and soil is breaking down quickly, creating a perfect breeding site. Outdoor Gnats are found in heavy organic decaying matter, such as damp soil, fungus, trash and decaying vegetable matter, like your compost blends. When plants are overwatered, or standing water accumulates in low-lying, poorly drained areas, it is likely to result in a gnat infestation.


There are two main types of Gnats: biting and non-biting. Biting Gnats include Black Flies, Sand Flies, and Snipe Flies. The non-biting variety includes Fungus Gnats and March Flies. For most, the female is the one that delivers the bite. The Black fly is smaller than house fly, and can inject a very painful sting.

Control of Gnats can be easy by simply reducing the moisture that creates the breeding grounds. An aerosol contact insecticide can be used for a quick knockdown of infestations. Ensure indoor areas in kitchens and bathrooms are kept clean, and use a drain cleaner if necessary to assist in eliminating the preferred breeding grounds. Clean up and eliminate moisture sources, and any decaying food sources that a Gnat may find attractive. Light traps, bait stations and glue strips can also be used as well, and are great for sensitive areas such as restaurants and commercial food establishments and kitchens. Easy to use, and easy to discreetly move about, these products can also be used in larger fly control as well.

As with any pest prevention recommendations, always make sure that entrance points for insects are sealed, to avoid letting new insects into your home or office. Screens should be repaired if torn or not secured, and apply proper sealants to plumbing and electrical entrance points.

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