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When you are looking for the best possible fly control including flies, fly control, fly traps, electronic fly traps, pyrethrin, pyrethrum, fly bait, drain flies, stimukil, fly paper, bug strips, and vapona fly strips there is no need to look any further than ePestSolutions.


Professional Insect fly light management systems are our top priority for our commercial kitchen and restaurant owner customers. That is why you will find the largest selection of fly lights, bulbs, glue boards on the market. Fly management is only achieved with the proper tools, that is why we carry Mantis, Titan, Mirage, Vector Plasma, IQ standards, and Luralite fly light units. We have the best selection of wall mount, corner mount, ceiling mount and discreet units. We carry the full line of vector fly light systems , whether you are needing a discreet unit or full size we have them all. Most fly light units ship within 3 days of ordering.



We offer a low price guarantee so you can rest assured you will be getting the best price for your products, with premier service technicians to assist you why would you go anywhere else but ePestSolutions. We offer a free advice section with guide lines and recommendations for all your fly light concerns. Get a professional fly light unit, bulbs and glueboards for your business today.

We carry the largest selection of fly lights, executors, fly zappers, glue boards and replacement bulbs including Luralite, Exocutor, Guardian fly trap, Pest West Nemesis, Vector Classic, Eclipse and more. Fo controlling all types of flies, house flies, horse flies, black flys, drain flys, fruit fly, fruit flies, fruit fly traps, fruit flys. Getting rid of fruit flies, house fly, and drain flies all gets easier with the proper professional pest control products.

Look first to ePestSolutions for all your fly control needs whether you need fly traps, fly glueboards, fly bait, fly lights, drain treatments, commercial quality fly control electrocutors or insecticide sprays. We are the best in do it yourself pest control



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