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Using the best product for flea control will help you be successful in elimination your flea problems.

Elimination of fleas on household pets will be important in preventing the production of eggs that fall onto carpeted areas inside.

If an infestation is occurring due to breeding and larvae on the interior it generally is controlled with an application of a residual insecticide, preferably with the addition of an insect growth regulator as well.

Vacuuming of the carpet prior to the application as well as following it will be important, as this vibration and contact will stimulate the emergence of adult fleas from the pupa, exposing them to the pesticide application.

  • Novacide Flea & Tick Killer

    Novacide Flea & Tick Killer

  • Ultracide Flea Killer

    Ultracide Contact Flea Control

    Great Value Flea Control
  • Alpine Flea Killer with IGR

    Prescription Treatment Alpine Flea Insecticide With IGR

    Kills fleas and prevents flea's for a full season.
  • Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray

    Precor 2000 Plus Flea Spray

    Professional Flea Control 7 months control

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