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Flea are probably the most commonly encountered pest for homeowner.

And is at the top reason people call a pest control technician.

But flea control can be achieved by the do it yourselfer, by having the right products and using them the correct way.


That is why we have put together easy to use flea control kits, that will help you treat all the source of your flea problems.

Find Printable PDF files located on our flea control kits, that will help you apply and selection flea control products.

It is important to determine the source of infestation (host).

Common sources of infestation in a home include:

House pets that become infested outdoors.
Pest animals (squirrels, raccoons, mice, etc) living in the home.
Feral cats or dogs that drop fleas in areas where they are picked up by humans.
Former occupants with a flea infested pet (fleas can remain in the vacant home).
Each of these scenarios has different implications for addressing the primary host. The first requires treating the house pet for fleas, the second and third require controlling or removing the pest animals. And the last doesn't require any animal-related actions.


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