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Flea Treatments For Your Pets Control Products

Your pet’s step to flea control against fleas is a flea comb and a good bath. The Soap will act as a gentle insecticide and helps control light infestations on your pet.

Just letting the soap sit on the animal a few minutes will help loosen them and send them down the drain.

Though time consuming, combing helps reduce the need for insecticides and flea sprays on your pet.

Flea combs have fine teeth that remove adult fleas from fur.


Your pet will most likely enjoy the combing and attention they receive.

Pay special attention to the face and neck, and the area in front of the tail and around the ears.

Dipping the comb frequently in soapy water or an alcohol solution to kill fleas removed from the pet.


You can spray your pet with product such as Petcor, which is the number one pet treatment product for fleas and ticks

Insect growth regulators, or IGRs, are a safe preventative treatment for fleas. These products work by disrupting the normal development of flea eggs and larvae. When exposed to IGRs, adult fleas are unable to reproduce; eggs fail to hatch and larvae die before they complete their development. But IGR’s will not kill the adults fleas, you will still need something to eliminate adult fleas quickly. For this reason, they are usually mixed with a mild insecticide.

Two other insect growth regulators for topical use are methoprene and pyriproxyfen. Methoprene is sold under several trade names including Precor® and vIGRen®. Methoprene and pyriproxyfen are available at pet stores as dips, pet sprays, spot-ons and flea collars. Control requires 4 to 6 weeks.

For severe flea problems, an IGR treatment may not be quick enough. Use a product that kills adult fleas, such as imidacloprid (Advantage™) or fipronil (Frontline™). Both products have low toxicity to mammals and pose little risk to pets or people. Advantage™ and Frontline™ provide 1- and 3-month protection from fleas, respectively. Frontline™ also kills ticks for up to 1 month after application. Both Advantage™ and Frontline™ are available from veterinarians as spray and spot-on treatments.

Spot-on treatments (pesticides applied to one or more spots on the animal’s back) control adult fleas effectively. Natural oils on the fur help transfer the pesticide to all parts of the pet’s body. With all products, read and follow label directions carefully. Products designed for use on adult dogs should not be used on puppies or cats, unless specified on the label.

Botanical (plant-based) insecticides kill adult and larval fleas and are relatively low in toxicity. Botanical insecticides include pyrethrum (or pyrethrins) and citrus oil extracts (limonene and linalool). But they should be used with care and all labels read and followed.


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