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Cluster Fly Control Products


A little larger than a house fly, the Cluster Fly will enter a house or structure in the fall one at a time and then congregate together in one place; generally in nooks and dark corners and cluster together. Coloring of the Cluster Fly is a nonmetallic, dark gray color. The Cluster Fly lives outdoors during warm seasons, where they can locate flowers and fruit easily to feed on. As with other types of overwintering insects, cooler weather outsides is when inside appearances of Cluster Fly populations become apparent, and when they become a pest issue.

In warm weather, Cluster Flies are known to also swarm windows on the warm sunny days and are extremely annoying to homeowners and business owners. Although they do not cause any extreme damage, as with the presence of any fly, it is undesired and can create issues with occupants.

For this reason, the cluster fly is considered an overwintering guest and treatment should be preventative to control populations inside. When the evenings become cooler in the late summer and early fall, applying a good residual insecticide to the southern and western side of the structure will help control them before entry. Try to seal up as many entry points as possible, such as window cracks, plumbing penetrations, weep holes and electrical entry points. Application of a dust insecticides in cracks and crevices may be necessary for areas where the Cluster fly may be harboring. Seal all the exterior cracks after treatment.

For treatment of a current infestation, an array of fly control products are available. In addition to insecticides, fly traps, fly lights and glue boards can be safe, and discreet means of cluster fly control. Placing these cluster fly control products in areas where the clusters have been seen can be easily accomplished, as the control products can be easily moved and concealed to avoid detection from patrons and guests.



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