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Cloth Moth Repellent and Traps Control Products


Clothing moths are a variety of moths that feed on materials found in and around homes and offices. The three most common are the Webbing Cloth Moths, the Case Making Clothes moth and the Tapestry moth or Carpet Moth. Commonly found and treated, the Webbing moth is the typical culprit of closet destruction.


All of the damage is actually done by the larvae, and they are noted as being very efficient in their destruction. The larvae will feed on clothes, carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, animal hair, and stored wool, especially soiled materials where they settle and feed until a hole appears and grows. The adults of the Webbing cloth moth are seldom observed because they will avoid the light and do not live very long; roughly for a two week period. The larval stage of the cloth moth can be quite long, and the main purpose is to eat and continually store up food in preparation for the adult stage of their lifecycle.

Numerous products are labeled for use in moth control, including aerosol insecticides and insect growth regulators. Application instructions should be followed, and any unique situations can be consulted with our Expert Bug Lady. Crack and crevice treatments are used to prevent entrance, and to treat trim and frames in affected spaces. In addition to insecticides, Nuvan Prostrips can be used as an odorless treatment product great for enclosed spaces such as closets. Nuvan Prostrips are placed and release an odorless vapor that distributes evenly to treat an area. This is a commonly selected, great alternative to traditional mothballs, as there is no scent in the area, or on clothing during normal use. Moth traps can be placed as well to control populations and aid in infestation elimination, an insecticide-free alternative. Moth traps will typically last for up to 3 months and can be replaced to ensure that risk of future infestations is minimal.

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