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Chipmunk Control Products


Often chipmunks will pose little to no issues on or around your property, however at times destructive behavior may require additional action. Chipmunks, like squirrels, are very cute little furry creatures that many don’t realize can cause severe damage to a yard. Learning how to control chipmunks is an important step for anyone who has a nice yard or garden, or anyone who grows their own fruits or flowers.


The chipmunk that learns to be an urbanite will do so and survive on our planted gardens, flower bulbs, strawberries, and other fruit producing trees. They will also dig unsightly burrows in your lawn and flower beds for them to nest within. As with the ground squirrel, it can also cause problems with foundation because they will burrow and dig underneath certain structures, storage sheds and garages. Control will require the same types of steps: exclusion that makes it impossible to enter, live trapping and toxic baiting if absolutely necessary. We don’t encourage the toxic baiting, if you have a chipmunk problem, we recommend the live trapping to solve the problem.

Live trapping is very simple and it doesn’t require having to come in direct contact with the animal. It is safe and effective, using recommended natural bait methods and a safe release to eliminate a chipmunk issue. Not causing harm to an animal is a very important part of do-it-yourself pest control and we encourage live trapping in any situation where it is possible.

To view additional information on chipmunk traps, visit the resources section of our website.



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