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Centipede Repellent Control Products


Centipedes are flattened, elongated pests with as few as ten legs or up to 300 legs. Although they bite, it is not lethal to humans, only to the insects they are hunting for as their prey. Centipedes are quick moving, and found typically outside in damp, dark areas- except for the house centipede species, they are accidental tourists. Seeing one or two may not be cause for concern, but if you begin to start seeing much larger centipede populations, then you may have a moisture leak, a damp basement or another attractive, damp source. We have many centipede repellents and control products which are perfect for eradicating these pests.


Centipede bites are concerning in individuals that have bee sting allergies, as well as for kids and the elderly. Smaller centipedes are not likely to break skin or cause issue, but it has been documented that some larger centipede bites can cause swelling and general discomfort.

Predominately active at night, centipedes will move about and look for prey. If a large population is in your home, this could be indicative of another, secondary pest issue as well. Centipedes feast on other insects, but are said to have a large range of preference and don’t necessarily target anything in specific. Cause for presence is highly unlikely to be tied to plant or other organic material, as this is not a typical part of their diet.

Look to apply a residual insecticide in cracks and crevices and an aerosol works well for this type of pest elimination. You can also apply a dust to those areas. Delta Dust or Diatomaceous Earth are good choices. These are the best solutions to get rid of centipedes for good. It’s just another way we, at ePestSolutions, are trying to help control the pest populations.

Centipedes can be controlled with professional grade centipede repellents and control products, and our helpful staff is available for instruction assistance as well as additional advice and support!



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