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Brown Recluse Spray Control Products


The Brown Recluse are sometimes called the Violin Spiders and have a body about 1/3 inch long and jaws that move from side to side, like scissors. They have six small eyes, but their most distinguishing characteristic is the dark brown violin pattern on the light brown carapace. The legs are long and slender and the abdomen is oval light brown in color and not hairy. Just the simple name strikes fear in most people. These fellows have a very big reputation in the South for causing significant trouble.


They will typically rest in cool dark areas: attics, crawl spaces, wall voids, furniture, and clothing. The Brown recluse will prey on small, soft-bodied insects. They will typically invade premises leaving the outdoors when the weather heats up. Their bite is very painful and the venom is a potent cytotoxin causing an enlarging necrotic sore that heals with difficulty.

If suspecting this type of spider is on your property, quickly attempt to safely identify and plan for spider control. Brown Recluse spider bite results can be severe, even in healthy adults. If bitten, one should seek immediate attention to quickly treat the bite.

Spider control can be executed using granules, glueboards, aerosol, dusts foggers and concentrate insecticides. We have a large variety of brown recluse sprays that can get rid of this pest. In addition, pest deterrents can be used to deter entry and inhabitance.

Speak with ePestSolutions entomologist to determine the best spider eradication plan for your unique situation.



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