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Bird Repellent Control Products

 ePestSolutions can assist in bird repellent and control with expert information and professional grade pest control products. Address your bird control issues with our full line of supplies, including bird spikes, bird traps, and bird sound deterrents for the do-it-yourself pest control homeowner.

Although not a direct threat or danger, birds can become quickly overwhelming and can cause unsightly messes where they congregate. Utilizing tools that do not harm the birds are a great method to preventing birds from inhabiting certain areas in and around homes and commercial establishments.

 Prevent birds from roosting on your roofline with bird spikes, bird slides, bird coils and bird wire. These are also effective means of controlling birds on parking lot lights and other populated areas. We also offer a full line of audio, visual and taste deterrents for all types of nuisance birds. Avoid leaving any food available for birds to feed on in the areas you do not wish for them to be, including seed. Removing empty and abandoned bird nests can also prevent future issues with bees, which like to use the space after birds have moved along.

Birds are known to have transmitted certain diseases to humans, but more often than not are an issue mainly because they carry mites and fleas, that are unwelcomed guests on any property. Although serving an important part in nature and ecosystems, birds can be deterred from taking up residence in certain places.

Our bird control products are safe to use, and safe for birds. We don’t typically see necessary means for using lethal force in bird control projects. Specific birds may prove to be more difficult to relocate or control, and our Entomologist can provide advice and guidance if the above traditional methods are not effective.

Shop effective and humane bird repellent and control products, or visit our Things That Bug Me Blog for more information!


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