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Many species of beetles exist throughout the US and across the globe. Identifying Beetles is the first step to implementing a beetle control program at your residence or business. It is also important to attempt to identify where the beetles are gaining entry from, or where they are gathering once inside.


Next steps in beetle control are to clean and rid areas that are experiencing issues with beetle populations. Wash, dry clean and vacuum any affected materials- including furniture, clothing, carpets and bedding.

Infested areas can be treated using lure traps, which are effective in capturing beetles without using insecticides. If traps cannot be used or are not effective, using a liquid or dust insecticide, especially those that work in crack and crevice treatment since many beetles will hide in tight spaces. Pyrethroids are a common and very effective type of insecticide used to treat beetle infestations. In severe infestations fumigation and mild fumigation may be required. Mild fumigation can be done on site, using products like Nuvan Pro strips - Full fumigation is typically completed offsite.

 The Common Carpet Beetle is pretty widespread and is found throughout the United States and as far south as Texas and Florida. The Larvae often feed on carpets and area rugs. Besides carpets, the common carpet beetle pest will also attack feathers, leather, fur, and hair brushes, silk and pressed plants. The adult of the Common Carpet Beetle is small, oval and blackish in color, with little whitish scales and a band of orange/red scales around the eyes.

As with many types of infestation, awareness of indoor and outdoor surroundings is a key component in early detection and effective treatment. If beetles are abundant outdoors, or in specific areas of the property, begin research to get a jump start in case of inside infestation.

For further information and assistance on identifying additional beetle species, visit Ask the Expert Bug Lady!



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