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How to Control Bed Bugs During Holiday Travel

Does the thought of bringing bed bugs home deter you from traveling? If you have a concern about bed bugs hitching a ride home with you from a motel, B&B, or from a hotel, take heart, there are a few ways to help prevent bed bugs from latching on to you.



There are a couple of products that help to reduce the chance of being bitten by bed bugs. The first is Mattress Safe's Softcover PillowSafe Protector, which helps to protect your face and neck from bed bugs. It also prevents bed bugs from laying eggs or inhabiting your pillow. There is also a mattress cover by the same manufacturer.

Bed bugs love to live on mattresses under the sheets or between the sheets and the mattress cover. They also live under the mattress cover. These specially crafted products put down a layer of protection between you and any bed bug that may be living in the hotel's bed. TIP: Pack a plastic bag to store these items in if you are traveling to multiple hotels, motels or B&Bs. You will want to keep these items separate from your regular luggage.

The good news about the Mattress Safe's Softcover protectors is that you can pair them with Essentria bed bug repellent. The handy spray is made from essential oils and kills bed bugs quickly. Perfect to apply to the a bed before applying the protective covers.


Is your suitcase a bed bug time bomb waiting to go off when you get home? Via your luggage is usually how bed bugs travel from state to state and back home with you. There are a couple of good tips that travels can use to help reduce the chance of bed bugs hitching a ride home with you. The first is always to use the luggage stand that is provided in each hotel room. If you do not have enough of the foldable stands, ask the front desk for more. These little stands help to keep your luggage off of the floor. The metal legs prevent bed bugs from climbing up the legs to your luggage. The second tip is to treat the outside of your luggage with Essentria Bed Bug Control. That will help to repel any bed bugs that might find their way onto your luggage.

Here is hoping these tips and tricks help to keep you bed bug free for the holidays and all of the times you travel.




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