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Purchasing the correct bed bug spray for your bed bug treatment needs will help you do the DIY job of killing and controlling bed bugs right the first time. Some of our featured recommended bed bug control products for killing bed bugs effectively are Phantom, Bedlam and Sterifab. In addition to bed bug sprays, ePestSolutions also offers bed bug dusts, bed bug insect growth regulators and also Bed Bug Mattresses for a highly effective bed bug control.


How to Control Bed Bugs with a Spray When bed bugs invade a home, it can be a complicated problem. Since the insects often hide in furniture or in other areas, they may not be easy to find and identify. After identifying the insects, it can be hard to completely eliminate them, without the proper professional bed bug sprays. Although there are some challenges associated with bed bugs, it is possible to control them and prevent them from infesting the entire house.

Clean Up and Vacuum

Before taking any measures to spray the infested area, clean up the room and remove any clutter from the infested area. If the bed bugs are in the bedroom, then remove the bedding and wash it in hot water, dry it at the highest temperature possible. While the bedding is being cleaned, use a vacuum cleaner to remove as many of the pests as possible from the bed, bed frame and box spring.

You will need to completely exam the box spring and mattress, flip them over and remove box spring lining to check deep inside the box. Clutter should be removed from the infested area. If it remains, then the insects can hide in the clutter and may be harder to eliminate. Pick up everything off the floors and if you suspect the bed bugs have made their way into the closet you will have to deal with the contents.

Use a Bed Bug Labeled Spray

Bed bug spray is available for different goals and concerns. For example, an environmentally friendly repellent is a good choice for individuals who are traveling and may be concerned about bringing bed bugs to a home from a hotel. By spraying the repellent over personal luggage and clothing before leaving the hotel, it is possible to limit the risk of bed bugs invading a personal home.

Many sprays are designed to inhibit the growth of bed bugs or kill them. Use the spray according to the instructions and spray it over the infested area. The spray can help kill the insects, but it may not kill all of the bed bugs. A good non repelling aerosol spray is appropriate for use in the cracks and crevices and will work well for long term control. There are sprays such as Sterifab, that can be sprayed directly on furniture and mattress and box spring, has no reapplication restrictions and so can be applied daily if needed.

Since bed bugs can hide in unexpected areas, it is important to spray the bed, the bed frame, any carpeting that is near the bed or areas where the insects may hide throughout the room. In some cases, the pests will hide in the couch or in a chair, so it is important to identify the infested area before the insects can spread. Cover the mattress and box spring with an appropriate cover before replacing the clean bedding.  Bed Bug Spray will be necessary to apply to the head boards and night stands in the bedroom that has the bed bug infestation.

Eliminating bed bugs does not necessarily meant that a homeowner must use harsh or dangerous chemicals. Most bed bug sprays require little active ingredients in the spray and work for long periods of time. There are environmentally friendly options that can be sprayed over the infested area to eliminate the insects and ensure that the bed bugs cannot spread through the house. Remember that bed bug treatment and control success will be greatly dependent on the product used and the thoroughness of application.



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