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Ant Control Dusts

Professional Pest Control Ant Dusts

For nests found in structural voids or inside wood timbers, a dust formulation can be applied in a very light thin layer and be very effective when needing to control ants. Dusts can become repellent when applied to heavy; using a compressed-air duster is very helpful in treating any areas. You can inject the Ant control dusts into wall voids either through existing openings around plumbing and electrical lines or by drilling into the wall or sheet rock and creating access holes.

Perfect for wall voids and areas where you know where the ant infestation and colony is originating.


At ePestSolutions we offer a full line of professional home pest control products including a variety of ant control products like ant baits and ant killers so that you can kill all your ant control problems in an instant. Whether it is carpenter ant control or fire ant killers, we have dedicated pest control products for all ant types.

Still have questions? Contact one of our technicians for free professional advice and product recommendations.



  • Drione Dust Insecticide Pyrethrin

    Drione Insecticide Dust

    Drione Insecticide provides quick insect control.
  • Essentria D Dust Insecticide

    Essentria D Dust Insecticide

    Green Dust
  • Cynoff Insecticide Dust

    Cynoff Insecticide Dust

    New Dust
  • Viper Insect Dust

    Viper Insect Dust

    Insect dust
  • D-Fense Dust

    D-Fense Dust

    Providing control of numerous insects

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