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Ant Baits are the only effective control method for control and elimination of the Pharaoh ants. Residual treatments generally should not be used in Pharaoh ant control because they result in colony budding, contaminate bait stations and kills only the foraging ants.

Colonies of the Pharaoh Ants average 3,000-4,000 ants with several queens. Pavement ants normally nest in soil; however, they occasionally nest indoors in walls, insulation and under floors. Colonies will move near a heat source in winter.


Pavement ants often follow pipes through slabs to access buildings. Outdoors, these ants nest in soil under stones, slabs, next to buildings and in pavement cracks. They enter through cracks in slabs, expansion joints and natural openings of buildings. Pavement ants like to travel under the edges of carpet next to the tack strip. To inspect or treat this area, carefully lift the carpet a small section at a time, then press down firmly to replace the carpet. Soil nests may have a characteristic "dirt crater" around the opening. Pavement ants forage up to 30 feet in trails.

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