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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants Control Products

Carpenter Ants are social ants that live in colonies, primarily in wood. They hollow out wood to build their nests. Their tunneling in wood and foraging for food and water lead to their “pest” status in or around homes. Carpenter ants are an excellent indicator of moisture problems in a building, or other conditions conducive to their infestation, such as rotting wood, that need attention.

We can help to locate and get rid of carpenter ants in your home, and yard. We offer a large line of professional pest control products for all your pest control needs, and we have the knowledge to teach you to kill like a pro.


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Carpenter Ants are highly attracted to piles of ant bait material rather than a broadcast application. You will want to place your Advance Granular Carpenter Ant Bait in Small Piles where trails are identified.

At ePestSolutions we offer a full line of professional home pest control products including a variety of ant control products like ant baits and ant killers so that you can kill all your ant control problems in an instant. Whether it is carpenter ant control or fire ant killers, we have dedicated pest control products for all ant types.

Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

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