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Fire Ant Bait and Control Granules

Total elimination of a fire ant colony with fire ant killers from your property can be a challenge. In many cases you can control the ant mound but you will eventually see returning ant colonies on your property and this applies to really all ants.

Using the correct ant control granules can help you control ants on your entire piece of property. The active ingredient of ant granules typically are activated after water is poured on it and the granules should be spread on top of and around the mound and this process should be done to your entire property.


Fire Ant Control

How to Control Fire Ants Like a Professional Contrary to what some people might believe, you cannot just pour boiling water on your fire ant mound and think you will be fire ant free. When this is done, or even disturbing the mound, will simply make the colony relocate to a new part of the yard.

Colonies generally have their own territories. They forage in established trails. Red imported fire ants will sometimes nest in areas of exposed soil within buildings (e.g., bath traps). They also build outside nests adjacent to foundation walls and slabs. Fire ants are attracted to electrical junction boxes and air conditioners. They also nest in gas and water meter boxes and follow pipes into the building.

Feeding Preferences: Red imported fire ants prefer high-protein foods, but will feed on almost any plant or animal matter.

Social insects require some finesse, and the proper attractant to get them to do what you want them to do, and let them think they are doing what they want to do, similar to husbands.

Have the right bait and following the application recommendations on the label will make you a ant killing machine.

Say good bye mister fire ant!

At ePestSolutions we offer a full line of professional pest control products including a variety of ant control products like ant baits and ant killers so that you can kill all your ant control problems in an instant. Whether it is carpenter ant baits or fire ant killers, we have dedicated pest control products for all ant types.



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