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Cyfluthrin is an active ingredient in several effective, popular home insecticide products. Great for general insect control applications, Cyfluthrin can be used for Scorpions, spiders, ants, termites, roaches, fleas, mosquitos and more! Tempo and Cy-Kick products contain this ingredient, which is a pyrethroid and has effectiveness in contact applications and as an ingested poison. This is not a systemic product, and does not function by traveling through plants. Instead it closely adheres to the plant or surface to which it is applied, and can withstand sun rays without resulting in a fast breakdown. Because it adheres to the surface to which it is applied, it is easily picked up by the target pests as they travel through. The poison is then either ingested or absorbed through the insect exoskeleton.


Pesticides containing Cyfluthrin are available in several forms to best match application requirements. Aerosol sprays, dust and wettable powders, as well as liquid concentrates are available for perimeter applications, crack and crevice treatment and broadcast applications for general insect control. Home use is commonly done for arachnids, such as spiders and scorpions, as well as numerous other household pests. Primary uses in agriculture have been related to the control of insects that chew and suck on crops and plant life. Common crops treated with Cyfluthrin products include cotton, vegetable and fruit crops and landscape ornamentals.

Use of Cyfluthrin as part of an integrated pest management program can bring excellent results. Adhere to application instructions, and warnings, to ensure safe and effective use is promoted. When correctly utilized, treatment will effect an array of pests, and greatly reduce infestation issues that often plague homes, offices, garages and other structures.

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