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Bifenthrin pesticides are a member of the pyrethoid insecticide group. Recognized as an effective, affordable means of pest control for a variety of insects, including arachnids, mosquitos and ants. Brands such as Bifen, Talstar, Ortho Home Defense Max and Bifenthrine include the active ingredient. Generic insecticides are also available, and can be a great solution for home pest control.


Available in aerosol, granule and concentrate forms, Bifenthrin is effective in many different applications. As a contact insecticide, it can be applied to lawns, trees and shrubs as it binds very tightly with the organic matter, and is a safe alternative to previously recommended solutions. Designed to have a residual effect, Bifenthrin will not break down quickly, and can be used to treat preferred mosquito breeding grounds, as a spray or fogging application. For grub control and ant infestations, Bifenthrin can be mixed with label-recommended water quantities to be applied to grub infested soil and ant mounds directly.


Infestations requiring a systemic insecticide will need an alternative solution, as Bifenthrin and other pyrethoids do not become absorbed by the plant and instead remain on the surface. Application near water sources or watersheds should be avoided and if necessary, consulted with product specialists, as Bifenthrin is known to be harmful to aquatic life. Commonly used in agricultural applications, these products are effective in treating pests known to infest and cause damage to crops such as corn, hops and berries.  

For a general, widespread pest control program, products such as Talstar and Bifen offer affordable, reliable results. As with any home insect control program, consult recommended label use and instructions- and seek additional advice if more explanation and guidance is required. Properly use and store products in safe environments.

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