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Target Pests

Bed Bugs

For Use In

Treats clothing, handbags, luggage, shoes, books papers and much more,


Place items so they do not touch the outer sides, power cord, top flap or zipper. Take care not to overfill.

* Easy to assemble and use

* No need to remove luggage (or backpack) contents

* Treats most standard suitcases

* Timer shuts the unit off automatically after the treatment

* A thermal overload protector is built in to the heater to prevent overheating

* Can be compacted down for convenient storage

Time to Kill

1 hour at 120 degrees F *

Kills all bedbug life in the heat range of 120-150 degrees F

How To

The PackTite 2 heat treatment device is easy to assemble and use. It has a timer that shuts the unit off after the treatment time. Just place a suitcase (or other bed bug infested item) on the metal rack inside and place the thermometer in the center of the treatment load. Then close the PackTite 2 by the zipper and plug in the heater unit. Set the timer for the chosen time (varies by the number and type of items treated). Observe the temperature to insure that the item reaches 120 degrees F and holds that temperature for 1 hour. After the treatment all of the bed bugs and the eggs inside the unit are dead.

Packtite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heat System

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Packtite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heat System


The PackTite 2 Portable unit is a safe, without the use of chemicals, bed bug treatment that uses heat to kill bed bugs that are found in personal items such as book, clothing, luggage, pillows, purses, shoes, suitcases, and many other items that may not be able to treat with chemicals.

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