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Target Pests

Oxadiazon is primarily use to control Goosegrass. It may also be used on a variety of grassy weeds such as grabgrass sandbur, sedge, virginia buttonweed, pigweed, pursley, nettle, and carpet grass. For a complete list of weeds controled by Oxadiazon please see the label.,

For Use In

Oxadiazon can be used on turf grasses, woody ornamentals, commercial nurseries, landscape ornamentals, and golf courses.,


Apply oxadiazon at a rate of 4lb per 1,000 square feet.

Coverage Area

Each 50lb bag of Oxadiazon 2G will treat 1/4 acre or 12,000 square feet.

Active Ingredient

Oxadiazon 2%

Oxadiazon 2G Pre-Emergent Herbicide (Ronstar)

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Oxadiazon 2G Pre-Emergent Herbicide (Ronstar)

A selective pre-emergence herbicide for control of annual grasses and broad leaf weeds in turf and woody ornamental shrubs, vines, and trees.
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Customer Reviews

  • Oxadiazon 2G Pre-Emergent Herbicide (Ronstar)
    By Roger Dickson on 10/27/2015
    We were first introduced to Ronstar by a contractor who built a house for us in California. Home completed in October, construction grading left bare earth around our home. Landscaping to occur in the Spring.Our contractor warned us that weeds would pop up in the Spring and we wouldn't be happy. He recommended Ronstar. We purchased some and applied it per instructions. The following Spring - no weeds!That was 1990, and to date we have consistently used this product over the years with great success. A friend, who retired as a landscape Gardner at our state Capitol confided to me that they too use Ronstar for weed control.We now own a home in another state and Ronstar is a part of our routine there. It works on the lawn without destroying it and amongst established plants as well.Use of the product reduces labor and we've never paid a cent for a Gardner.We have been customers of Epest Solutions for several years now and find their price the cheapest and items shipped quickly....they've earned our respect and continued business.



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